Preschool Learning With Elmo! – FREE Elmo Backpack!

If your child loves Sesame Street, you’ll LOVE this deal! Act now and get the incredible Elmo’s Learning Adventure Gift Package for $7.95 PLUS a FREE Preschool-ready Elmo Backpack! Valued at $44.75!

Elmo’s Learning Adventure Gift Package includes:• Hardcover Storybooks with Sesame Street characters
• Activity Books with learning activities
• Adventure Cards with fun activities
• Sturdy Storage Slipcase for books & Flip-top Storage Box for Adventure Cards
• Storage Box Divider Cards

Order today and get your Elmo Package NOW!

“When I ordered this package my kids were so thrilled! After all of the books and our FREE DVD Player came in the mail all of the kiddos seemed to just light up and become just a little bit more excited to learn.”


This is perfect for preschool children who are learning to read and also good if you home school your little ones!

Subscriber Notes: Every 3 weeks you will be mailed 2 new Elmo Learning Adventure sets for $9.95 plus $4.95 shipping. These new books will be charged to your credit card. You can cancel your membership at anytime and can keep the backpack no matter what you decide.

Here is the order summary I received when I ordered mine a while back, the current one is slightly different but not by that much.elmo confirm


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